A Mission to unify our nation.

Our great mission of the Justice Party is to unite us as Americans so that We The People have the power to stand up to the corporate military-industrial oligarchy which uses the two-party system and the power of their wealth to deceive and divide us. Politicians and political parties who accept money from special interests and then legislate for the interests of those groups above the greater good of our nation and the world are guilty of forsaking the principals and spirit of our Constitution.

So few hold so much wealth and our children faced less prosperity than their forebears.

The two-party system has failed us. The moment has come for American citizens to come together for our mutual benefit to solve the problems that lie before us. The Justice Party issues a clarion call to join our community of concerned Americans demanding social, economic, and environmental justice for all, not just for the wealthiest Americans and their corporations. The Justice Party is a grassroots, broad-based, real political alternative to the corporate-controlled Democratic and Republican parties. We invite you to help build America's just future. 


Getting the corrupting influence of money out of politics

The Justice Party is committed to eliminate the systemic corruption in government caused by the undue influence of concentrated sources of wealth (both corporate and individual), which has led to many serious ills in our society, including widespread poverty, infant and maternal mortality, expensive and inaccessible healthcare, record incarceration rates, and environmental destruction.

Restore the integrity of our elections

The Justice Party was the only political party to endorse Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election. The 2016 Democratic primary election exposed a full array of tactics used to sway elections. The Justice Party is committed to open primaries, expanding ballot access and ensuring the integrity of all elections. A finger tipping the scales of democracy is not democracy.

Priorities: The Plan

We seek to build electoral power by registering disenfranchised voters and running candidates who pledge not to accept corporate donations. The Justice Party is recruiting and assisting grassroots citizen candidates who will lead our movement to expose and replace every corporate politician who uses their elected office to serve themselves. We will run candidates for the Justice Party but in cases will endorse candidates of other parties if warranted and will invite those candidates to identify as Justice movement members. Our core team includes many leaders in the Bernie or Bust movement and we are in talks with a broad coalition of activists seeking to #DraftBernie to form a new political party.

We understand those who are grateful to Bernie Sanders for the mass political awakening which resulted from his campaign. We are also sympathetic to those who are disappointed with many the actions of Senator Sanders following the California primary. We choose to celebrate the unity of the movement during the primary and learn from the compromises that have followed his incredible campaign.

Our initial focus in the Justice Party is to get money out of politics, ensure the integrity of our electoral process and to recruit and elect a new Congress that will represent the people. Our platform and bylaws are an open source project that seeks to perfect the framework for a party that is a vehicle for all Americans; a party of the 99%. But we acknowledge a party of the 99% includes by definition many who currently identify as Republicans and Democrats and independents must pledge to engage, build bridges and educate as we join together to provide a new alternative majority party that pursues shared ideals.

We supported the January 2017 effort to elect grassroots delegates in the CADEM California Democratic Party elections. Supporters in California attended caucuses in droves and propelled these reformers into party leadership. Their core objectives are to reform the party from the inside by advocating for open primaries, ending the ban on endorsing members of another party, and ending super-delegates. Many of these newly minted delegates are just one month later dissatisfied and frustrated by the obstructionism of the establishment party leadership. The Democratic Party is structured to prevent change initiated by the grassroots. The Justice Party is the party of grassroots change.

Note on Justice Democrats.

In a December 2016 strategy meeting the Justice Party proposed to invite our allies who align in principle but were entering the Democratic party as delegates to self-identify as Justice Democrats or as Justice Greens for those former Berniecrats who are now committed to the Green Party. The Justice Democrats launched on January 23, 2017 as a organization using terminology that was envisioned as a statement of our shared ideals rather than as a formal organization. We have no affiliation with the formal organization of Justice Democrats.

Call To Action: Change your party affiliation

By registering with the Justice Party we grow a vehicle for the Political Revolution. We welcome all who desire a post-partisan country to join us and register.

We invite all who support our primary goals of reforming our corrupt political process, getting money out of politics and ensuring election integrity to join the Justice Party of California which welcomes grassroots input - but for CADEM delegates or others unable to change their party affiliation due to elected position or those in states where Justice Party ballot access drives are still in the works - join our movement by signing up and identifying as Justice Democrats, Justice Greens or Justice Republicans.

We are building a present where political parties are viewed as a tool to be selected to accomplish a task and not an identity which one assumes to defines their values. We aspire to a future where political parties are rejected as divisive and will be eliminated once sufficient electoral and ballot access reforms are enacted to allow individuals choose their own representatives at all levels of government. Until then the Justice Party will continue the effort to pursue Liberty and Justice for All.

Join with the Justice Party to end the corrupted duopoly, restore fairness to our political system, and return the power to the people.