Terry Cook

  • Solar power has come a way in just a few years to enhance its efficiency. What most people here do not realize or know, propeller type wind mills are crony G.E. built to fail. Our design of hemp composite, fully encased vertical wind turbine puts out many times more power, will last many times longer, while making no unhealthy sounds or vibrations, and NOT ever killing a bird, bat, bee, or butterfly. It is our design, hopped up, air rammed engineering marvel. I will never patent any design or invention for several reasons. Over the decades, I have seen what happens to those coming out with inventions to save, or make your own fuel or power in totally green manner, or to save energy. The day after applying for the patent, they get the crony world energy gang, knocking at your back and front doors. They will offer the same choices Rockefeller gave to all that owned oil companies. We buy you, or kill you. What do you want to do? 48 years in the making, the original and only, thetopcatplan.com to save our planet, put 10’s of millions to work, and give us the power to phase out what is killing us is in an exclusive ball game. I do not know what I have to do to get Bill McKibber to respond to my suggestions, ideas, and to the ONLY plan to save 1/2 humanity within 10 years. We are launching the green hydrogen, hemp, and self-sufficient industries and economies. Not only do we save our Mother Earth, enhance the world’s economy, and take the rulers that are hell bent on destroying every thing good, OUT. Not Out for lunch!!!!! They made hemp illegal in 1937. That was by far the most dastardly action ever in the world’s history. Has anybody here ever seen these ideas on this Face Book Page ever before?? So we will keep this technology a secret, never ever mention, agree, like or share. ANY questions among the Group’s leaders or peanut gallery? Terry Cook, ex-Marine 65-69, Vietnam 66-68, 48 years a progressive inventor, and fighter against all forms of tyranny over the mind of the common man’s mind. Ohio’s Midwest Regional Draft Bernie for a People’s Party Leader, and Ohio Recruiter for the Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government’s Constitutional MILITIA. Our first mission of the greatest importance, protect our farmers and farmland from Monsanto, and those messing with their hemp harvest. We are bringing BACK, 1942’s “Hemp for Victory”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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