The Justice Party was organized for the 2012 presidential campaign of Rocky Anderson and qualified to appear on the ballot in 15 states. In 2016 the Justice Party choose to endorsed Bernie Sanders rather than run our own presidential candidate. As we launch in California with our drive for ballot recognition in 2018 we are led by a coalition of grassroots organizers in the Bernie-or-Bust movement.

California requires 1/3 of 1% of voters register as Justice Party members to qualify for ballot access. Register online now at the California Secretary of State site. Indicate that you are registering with the Justice party by selecting ☑ other (specify) and writing in 'Justice Party'. Our petition for ballot recognition has been filed and requires approximately 60,000 voters identify as Justice Party members to attain ballot status.

Register to vote or change your party affiliation to Justice Party to help us qualify for ballot access in California.




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